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Femdom Jane teases her tranny fuck toy.

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I like to hold onto something when i go to bed at night and lately i’ve been running out of ideas. So i borrowed this naughty little transvestite wench from one of my femdom friends and she’s been keeping me company on these cold winter nights. She’s a lot of fun as she’s very willing. To be honest, willing or not, i was gonna fuck this tranny sluts mouth anyway. Luckily for her, she was just pretending to not want to be fucked but i soon got her groaning and begging for more.

With my Strapon firmly planted around my waste, i started to mouth fuck this tranny fuck toy while she gagged on my monster Strapon. My hands where all over her nice crossdresser body as she sucked away on my rubber monster. I pulled this little tranny sluts shaft out and gave her a little pleasure as i dominated her, it is Christmas afterall! This little transvestite bed warmer will definately keep me amused for a couple of weeks, or atleast until i get bored of her slutty mouth.

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