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Satomi is spanked and gets disgusted with her mother. She works so hard and invents a time-machine to travel 30 years into the past to get revenge on her Mom. [16:9 aspect ratio]

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Satomi is a naughty girl.  But more than naughty she is clever.  Follow her travels and how she exacts revenge against her troublesome mother.

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Her Rudeness to Customer Brought Her Spanking Punishment

Her rudeness caused the customer complaint.  Yoko forgot rule number 1.  Which brings punishment number 1 for her.

There is evidence of past punishment.  Yoko will not learn.  We must teach her.  We WILL teach her.

Our problem is…Yoko enjoys the spanking.  She will act foolish in order to be spanked.  Perhaps, we will break her desire.  Enjoy our work and JOIN today.