medieval contraption spanking

In today’s corporal punishment video, Helen is strapped into a medieval contraption, exposing her soft fleshy bottom to the stiff and painful blows of a heavy cane. Helen had sneaked out of the all girls school to go to a party held near by, but was caught, and is now to be punished. It is to be hoped that for her sake she now knows to never do that again.

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Bounded Dreams

In this flogging video, Charlie gets bound and beaten.
She was found to be cheating on her exams, and as such, she had to be taught to be an upstanding citizen.
One of our custom made devices allowed us to have Charlies legs strapped up, and her arms strapped down,
allowing full access to her tender bottom. As such the flogging of her and her pussy was made extra painful,
because of her blatant disregard for common decency. We hope to never see her again.

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blonde prisoner flogged

Kitty was to play a prisoner in the school play, but when she picked up an affinity for actually stealing, thats when the instruction had to take place. Kittys arms were tied to our wooden device, unable to escape.Her soft back was now exposed, ready to be viciously flogged. The pain she felt was like she had never experienced before.

With her shrill screams of pain filling the room with a lesson now learned. We don’t think she will be returning soon.

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Traitor To Her Own Body

From the very beginning, this bitch learns that the control is out of her hands. Her body is examined and restrained. She’s contorted into various positions while made to endure through the brutal whipping of her bare tits. If that wasn’t enough, she ends up with legs wide apart and fingers keeping her cunt wide open. You’d think all this pussy whipping would take a toll on her, but her pink wet hole plays traitor to her body. With each thwack of the whip, she learns that sometimes there’s a lot more pain than pleasure in BDSM for slaves like herself.