Her Rudeness to Customer Brought Her Spanking Punishment


Her rudeness caused the customer complaint.  Yoko forgot rule number 1.  Which brings punishment number 1 for her.


There is evidence of past punishment.  Yoko will not learn.  We must teach her.  We WILL teach her.


Our problem is…Yoko enjoys the spanking.  She will act foolish in order to be spanked.  Perhaps, we will break her desire.  Enjoy our work and JOIN today.

Two Sisters and an Aunt AT A JAPANESE-STYLE INN

Young sisters stay at a Japanese-style inn with their aunt. After the aunt goes out, they decide to cut loose and experiment with a sensual spanking. When the aunt gets back and witnesses it, a very sound spanking is in order!

The two sisters are very naughty.  Their hands and fingers linger over each others ass.  They spank and they rub, touching, feeling the heat from the spank and the horniness inside the other sister.


When their aunt returns, she sees the girls in the midst of their pleasure and demands they be punished.  Their punishment, her pleasure.  Join today and take YOUR pleasure with non-professional amateurs from around Japan as they get their spank on.  For you and for themselves.

After Failing Grades Tamao Gives Her Daughter and the Tutor a Hard Spanking

A young girl’s mother employs a private tutor for her daughter. However,the daughter’s grades get worse,and the mother gives her daughter an over-the-knee spanking,followed by a similar lesson for the tutor.

http://links.verotel.com/cgi-bin/showsite.verotel?vercode=31047:9804000000913458 Tamao
Age: 42
Role: Spanker
Height: 5′ 5 ”
Vital Statistics: 33-25-33
Hobby: Watching Movies
Tamao is a typical Japanese mother or housewife. She spanks her daughter and a private tutor over-her-knee in our movies. You will love to watch!

Age: 35
Role: Spanker/Spankee
Height: 5′ 3 ”
Vital Statistics: 34-24-35
Hobby: Karaoke,Social Dance
Kiriko is 35 years old, but she looks very young and sexy.She also has a really sexy, spankable butt – You will be fascinated by this attractive woman.

Age: 20
Role: Spankee
Height: 5′ 1 ”
Vital Statistics: 32-24-34
Hobby: Reading Books
Kurumi is a short,baby-faced model. Very cute and charming! If you are looking for a young and naughty girl who needs a spanking,you ought to pay attention to her!

Kiriko, the tutor receiving her punishment for failing to improve Kurumi’s grades.

Kurumi with her dress pulled down feels her mother’s hand against her firm ass.  Kurumi anticipates the the slap and shudders, and moans.  Kurumi learns she can take her pleasure from her mother’s slaps to her teenage Japanese ass.



Tomomi Meets Lisa for 2nd Spanking

Passion Boutique or Punishment Chamber

Tomomi meets Lisa again – One of the most sensuous,erotic movies we’ve ever made!  A female customer stops by and looks into the shop window. While she asks the shop staff to have her nails done, she has an irresistible impulse to spank the young girl.  [16:9 aspect ratio]

While the customer spanks the shop girl she becomes wet and excited and wants the girl to spank her in return.

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